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        <p>11 February 2019</p>
        <h2><a href="">Global Compact Network Germany publishes 2018 Report on Peer Learning Group</a></h2>

                    <p>Author: Global Compact Network Germany</p>

        <p>'Business &amp; Human Rights DGCN Peer Learning Group - Report 2018', 5 Feb 2019...</p>

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        <p>1 November 2016</p>
        <h2><a href="">Iran opens for Telecoms Connections: Western telecoms and media groups look to strike deals in untapped market</a></h2>

                    <p>Author: Nic Fildes and Najmeh Bozorgmehr, Financial Times</p>

        <p> When Twitter’s Jack Dorsey tweeted Hassan Rouhani in 2013 to ask if any of the citizens of his country were able to read the Iranian president’s tweets, he probably did not expect a response. To the surprise of many in the West, Mr Rouhani quickly...</p>

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        <p>24 March 2016</p>
        <h2><a href="">CSR Europe publishes guidance on how to embed human rights in company functions</a></h2>

                    <p>Author: CSR Europe</p>

        <p> "Blueprint For Embedding Human Rights in Key Company Functions", Mar 2016...</p>

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        <p>5 September 2014</p>
        <h2><a href="">Case studies</a></h2>

                    <p>Author: ITU &amp; UNICEF</p>

        <p> This platform hosts a variety of case studies providing detailed information on policies, best practices, as well as other actions and processes that the broader ICT Industry has implemented to ensure that children enjoy the benefits of the digital...</p>

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        <p>24 October 2013</p>
        <h2><a href="">[DOC] Corporations and Global Justice: Should Multinational Corporations be Agents of Justice?</a></h2>

                    <p>Author: Emilio D'Orazio (editor)</p>

        <p> The Italian Research Centre glad to inform that the Proceedings of the IX Politeia Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility (Milan, December 2012), have just been published in a special issue of the journal Politeia. Politeia’s special...</p>

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